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About Us

We have been involved in breeding Lincoln Red cattle for over 40 years in the Upper Hunter.  

We run between 300-400 cows that are grazed on native grass pastures.

Our beef is dry aged for 2 to 3 weeks after that it is vacuum packed for further maturation.  

Our beef is totally home bred & grass fed.

The flavours produced in the meat are created from the combination of the pureness of the English / Australian bloodlines and the native pastures of the Hunter Valley that the cattle graze on.

As we are a totally grass fed product some variability occurs due to seasonal conditions.

We are very aware of the importance of dung beetles in soil carbon cycles so only strategically use drenches.

We are very conscious of the environment and try to look after it as much as possible. We have been nurturing a self generated stand of ENDANGERED - WEEPING MYALL TREES. We have about 40 with the number growing. These trees emerged after the heavy rains and floods in June 2007, in an area where no trees have been known. We have enclosed these trees from the cattle, however, the kangaroos love them and do a little damage to them but they are handling that just fine.

We have about 1.5ha of these trees. In the Hunter these trees are only found as individuals or small clusters so we feel to have 40+ trees is a great environmental credit to our management of the land!

We also have an extensive area of grassy box woodlands and also involved in the stepping stones project. This project makes corridors for birds and other wildlife to get from heavily timbered areas with the protection of trees.

There are some more photos of the trees in the gallery.


Our objective for our beef is to further establish our brand through providing restaurant quality beef to the general public primarily through farmers markets.

We have been growing sheep for a few years now and have decided to bring them into selected markets. Our lambs are available throughout the year when they are ready.


We attend the local markets in the Hunter Valley, Gosford and Sydney.

Our'patty's with At*tude' are made with our secret recipe using only our lean mince, no sausage mince, water or carrot. 

Our sausages use only our beef, therefore we can guarantee that they are quite unique being Gluten Free & Grass Fed. Our sausages are not preservative free.

Our Hand Raised Lambs are packed in cuts of chops and roasts etc. We are also selling our wool products. Wooly hats, scarves, ruffs, felt, knitting wool and lots more.

We also have pies, pasties and sausage rolls at the markets. These are all made from our beef mince and sausage mince. We also do whole ducks, duck eggs and duck pies all from our Muscovy ducks.

You can purchase our beef from us at any of the markets!

Accepted methods of payment - cash or card. 

Adie with some of her glass that she sometimes brings along to Sydney Sustainable Markets.


We have exhibited cattle at the 'Sydney Royal Easter Show' for over 30 years. Our stud name is HUGHLOCH LINCOLN RED STUD. We had some heifers in this years Show and achieved very pleasing results.


I'm always updating our website, Please, come back and have another look later.

Be a part of our journey and join our facebook page LRB DIRECT to be kept in the loop as to what we are doing, when & where.